A Woman

by Emily Theis

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released May 30, 2014

Alex Dobbert - drums
Josh Frigo - guitars, keyboards, cello, backing vocals
Emily Theis - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, aux perc, accordion
Logan Dodd, Sarah Mees, Cait Molloy, Lisa Walker - gang vocals

Written by Emily Theis. Produced by Josh Frigo and Emily Theis. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Alex Dobbert and Jonathan Class at The Varsity Recording Co. Art by Emily Theis.



all rights reserved


Emily Theis Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Puedo Ser
Dancing on to my next plane
Little hint of merengue
All but dead to my old ways
You can find me there

Puedo ser una mujer Venezolana
And when we're there
You can braid my hair
If you wanna

2 o'clock pouring my tea
In our home on the Black Sea
Where you first said you love me
You can find me there

Puedo ser una mujer Europea
And when we're there
When my body's bare
You can pay up

Tennessee where the trees grow
Boston streets that I don’t know
Indiana where I’ll always be home
You can find me there

Puedo ser una mujer Americana
And when we're there
I can take to the air
If I wanna

I can be a woman so free
A woman so
Woman so
Track Name: Home
When the sun is fading
On your summer evening run
Where you see your future timelines
Pick your favorite one

When your daddy calls you
Just to be in touch
Holds the phone up to your dog
You love that girl so much

We don’t have to know
Where the long road goes
We’ll just sing out all the way home
No use asking why
Put your hand in mine
We’ll just sing out all the way home

Staying up til morning
Just talking about boys
Finally accepting
Happy is a choice

When the day is over
And you’re crawling in your bed
Fall asleep, not a creep
Of the ugly in your head

Finding yourself pretty
And finding yourself home
Looking for the answers
but letting yourself roam

I am alive, coming alive
Track Name: Monarch
I am the gypsy moth
I am inside the wool

Monarch, monarch
I can hear your heart
Monarch, monarch
I can hear

You are the white tailed dove
You are the lighted love

I could hear it from the start
Track Name: I Am Woman
This one's for the drinkers of beers
This one's for the keepers of fears
This one's for the one you call real late

This one's for the soccer players
The carpenters and harsh naysayers
This one's for the love you love to hate

I am woman
hear me roar
I do the shopping
I keep the score
But find me paralyzed to let this in
Don’t you speak a word about
All the blood I'm sweating out
Or someone might see through this pale thin
woman skin

This one's for the independents
Masters of their own defenses
All of you who'd rather die than lose

This one's for the calloused fingers
The rhythm keepers and backup singers
All the things that you are trying to prove

So what, I wanna love somebody my whole life
(damn right, damn right)
Track Name: Baby
She was born on the back of a ship
Momma said, “Oh baby, the hearts you'll steal.”
Turn to the curve of her hips
Those little hearts, they take so long to heal

Nobody calls her baby

She was raised on the waves of the sea
Daddy said “Oh baby, just raise your sails.”
The cold wind blows and she’s free
Lets out her hair, leans out over the rail

She is the helm of the ship
They say “Oh baby, just take the lead.”
Words on the back of her lips
Spilling out when she finds herself on her knees

"Just trying to tell you my story,
Just trying to say where I came from,
Not chasing glory,
But you keep on getting my name wrong."

Nobody calls her baby
Nobody calls her baby
Nobody calls her baby
"Somebody call me baby."